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The Marriage Challenge Episode 36: Remarriage after widowhood

Lorraine and Phil married ten years ago following the death of Phil’s first wife, with whom he had enjoyed over 25 years of marriage. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast they discuss some of the joys and challenges of marriage after widowhood, and offer advice to those who may be facing similar circumstances.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 35: Overcoming cultural differences

Richard was brought up in the north of England, and Maria is from Sweden. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast, they discuss the impact of coming from different cultures, and how this affected their relationship in the early years of their marriage. They also offer tips for other couples and discuss some of the common challenges faced in a marriage when you come from different cultural backgrounds. 


The Marriage Challenge Episode 34: When a child dies

In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast Mike and Kath Coulson share about the death of their son Philip, aged 7, and the affect that such a momentous loss had on their relationship. They discuss some of the challenges they faced as a couple, as well as some of the things that helped them stay together as they grieved.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 33: Overcoming unfaithfulness

In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast, Steve and Claire open up about the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in their relationship which enabled them to overcome unfaithfulness early on in their marriage.  They bravely share their story of hurt and brokenness over the mistakes they made and discuss how they gradually put the foundations in place to rebuild and strengthen their relationship.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 32: The lonely journey of infertility

In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast, Andy and Sarah bravely share about their on-going  journey of infertility, and discuss some of the ways it has impacted their relationship over the past ten years. With insight and wisdom, Andy and Sarah draw from their own experiences, and those of other couples to give advice and hope to any couple facing infertility issues.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 31: Overcoming past hurts

Steve and Lesley have been married for over 25 years, but at the start of their relationship they had to fight to keep going. Marrying for the second time, having both previously divorced, they realised early on that they still carried past hurts from their previous relationships. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast they talk candidly about the difficulties they faced in those early days and how they worked through them to bring their relationship back from the brink.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 30: When communication is hard

In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast, Steve and Chris Hughes share some of the difficulties they’ve faced in the area of communication, and reflect upon how their very different family backgrounds influenced their communication styles, and impacted their relationship.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 29: The importance of keeping unity

So often, it’s not the big things in marriage that cause relationships to break down, but the little things, the day-to-day niggles and irritations that come between couples and create distance. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast, David and Charis Baker talk about the importance of keeping unity in their relationship, and how they deal with the small grievances that create discord between them.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 28: Juggling roles and responsibilities

Juggling work and childcare can be a challenge for many couples with young children. In this edition of The Marriage Challenge podcast, Dan and Alicea share their experiences of taking on roles that go against tradition, with Alicea working full-time and Dan being a stay-at-home dad. Listen as they talk about the impact this has had on their relationship, and find out how they’ve overcome some of the challenges along the way. 


The Marriage Challenge Episode 27: Staying strong while working away

The reality of the modern world often means one partner has to work away from home on a regular basis. Our guests Jonny and Allison reflect  with honestly about the impacts of  working away from home. They offer insights into their experience and share the  practical steps they took to help them stay emotionally strong and make the most of their times they spent together at the weekends.