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The Marriage Challenge Episode 21: Marriage with a blended family

In this edition we hear Rebekah and Steve Legg talk through their experiences of getting married and bringing together their six children from previous relationships under one roof.  They talk very honestly about what it is like to find time for each other and how they have dealt with the challenges of in-laws, ex-partners and forging a new family together.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 20: Coping with change in middle age

Whether it is dealing with the empty nest, wrestling with hormones, moving home or jobs, or just a creeping sense of separateness - how can we cope with changes in our relationship when we get to middle age? Our guest couple Simon and Janey Lawry-White talk candidly from their own experiences and offer help and practical tips to couples navigating this stage of life.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 19: Coping with change in the early years

In this edition we hear Tim and Rachel Hughes speak candidly about the pressures they have experienced in the first decade or so of marriage. They talk very honestly about what it was like having four children in quick succession, coping with time apart as Tim travelled for work and how they are now having to re-negotiate how they do life after their move to Birmingham to start leading a church.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 18: Using boundaries to bolster your marriage

In this edition we hear from Andy and Dana Masters who share their experience of how simply agreeing on some boundaries helps them to protect and bolster their marriage. We hope you enjoy their thoughts and perhaps consider how having boundaries could enrich your own marriage.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 17: When life leaves you shaken

Patrick and Diane Regan talk with great honesty and vulnerability about the pressures they experienced as they faced grief, illness and uncertainty. They share the things that helped, and those that didn't as they went through the fire.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 16: Marriage in a digital age

Sim and Lottie Dendy tackle what it means to be married in a digital age, exploring both the benefits and the challenges posed by the ever-growing world of the internet and new technology.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 15: Back from the brink

What does it take to save a marriage on the brink of separation? Listen to Kate and Harry Benson share their own journey from a marriage that was heading for divorce, to now being happier together than ever before.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 14: When two becomes three

The arrival of a first child is perhaps the biggest change a married couple will ever face. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast we are joined by Joel and Naomi Brockett who share their own experience of starting a family and reveal how they now help other couples going through the same transition.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 13: The myths of a ‘perfect’ marriage

Welcome to this special edition of The Marriage Challenge podcast. As a one-off, this podcast has been filmed – so that as well as listening to it you'll also be able to view it on YouTube. Another change to our usual format is that both our guests are married – but not to each other. We are joined by Katharine Hill who is the UK Director at Care for the Family and one of our regular speakers Philip Jinadu. Together they look at four of the most popular misconceptions about having the ‘perfect’ relationship. Check out their thoughts and see if you agree with them as they bust these marriage myths!


The Marriage Challenge Episode 12: The Sex Factor

Welcome to the first edition of The Marriage Challenge podcast in 2015. In this episode we are joined by Nicky and Sila Lee, the creators of The Marriage Course and authors of The Marriage Book, who talk about how we can build and improve sexual intimacy over a lifetime. They share openly and honestly about some of the challenges they have faced over the years and then offer some great advice on how, together as a couple, you can tackle and overcome sexual issues. Enjoy this down-to-earth episode with a couple who gently, yet confidently, approach a subject that is not always easy to talk about.