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The Marriage Challenge


The Marriage Challenge Episode 26: Facing mental health issues together

In this episode Will and Lucinda Van Der Hart share their experiences of mental health issues in their marriage.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 25: The extrovert and the introvert

Some couples are pretty similar, but others face the challenge of working together despite major personality differences. In this edition of The Marriage Challenge podcast we are joined by Becky and Phil Morgan – she’s an extrovert and he’s an introvert! They candidly share how their differences affect their marriage, from the impact on day-to-day life through to what they choose to do on holiday.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 24: Forty years and flourishing!

Our guests on this edition of The Marriage Challenge podcast are Paul and Priscilla Reid who have just celebrated forty years of married life together. They reflect on what it takes for a marriage to last over the long haul and how they have benefitted from their commitment to each other. Enjoy the wisdom, laughter and inspiration that comes from so many of years of doing life together.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 23: The Christmas 2015 edition

Katharine and Richard Hill discuss how to work together during the busy Christmas period and have an enjoyable festive season.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 22: The path to adoption

In this episode, Sophie and Luke share their story of making the life-changing decision to adopt two children.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 21: Marriage with a blended family

In this edition we hear Rebekah and Steve Legg talk through their experiences of getting married and bringing together their six children from previous relationships under one roof.  They talk very honestly about what it is like to find time for each other and how they have dealt with the challenges of in-laws, ex-partners and forging a new family together.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 20: Coping with change in middle age

Whether it is dealing with the empty nest, wrestling with hormones, moving home or jobs, or just a creeping sense of separateness - how can we cope with changes in our relationship when we get to middle age? Our guest couple Simon and Janey Lawry-White talk candidly from their own experiences and offer help and practical tips to couples navigating this stage of life.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 19: Coping with change in the early years

In this edition we hear Tim and Rachel Hughes speak candidly about the pressures they have experienced in the first decade or so of marriage. They talk very honestly about what it was like having four children in quick succession, coping with time apart as Tim travelled for work and how they are now having to re-negotiate how they do life after their move to Birmingham to start leading a church.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 18: Using boundaries to bolster your marriage

In this edition we hear from Andy and Dana Masters who share their experience of how simply agreeing on some boundaries helps them to protect and bolster their marriage. We hope you enjoy their thoughts and perhaps consider how having boundaries could enrich your own marriage.


The Marriage Challenge Episode 17: When life leaves you shaken

Patrick and Diane Regan talk with great honesty and vulnerability about the pressures they experienced as they faced grief, illness and uncertainty. They share the things that helped, and those that didn't as they went through the fire.